merry christmas, happy holidays and happy new year


It's Christmas Eve, my absolute favourite day of the year:  it has all the joy and merriment of Christmas Day, but with the additional healthy dollop of delicious anticipation.  We'll be spending the evening with close family, celebrating Britidadian-style:  with mince pies (English), but also ham and roast-bake-and-buljol (Trinidadian).  And I'm sure I'll be able to talk Marcus into whipping up a few Santa's Slays to toast the season, as well.

But before we dive into the festivities in earnest, I wanted to take some time to thank all of you for your continued friendship.  This year you've stayed with me through all sorts of adventures:  many of them close to home, but some happened across the state, across the country and even across the planet.  And through it all, you've been unfailingly kind and supportive, and I honestly can't express my gratitude enough.  Thanks so much for this, truly.

This will be my last post of 2013:  immediately after Christmas, Marcus, Alex and I are taking off for a little end-of-year adventure, spending time with "soul family" -- friends who are so close to us, they might as well be family.  Where we're going promises to be beautiful, so I'll definitely be taking a lot of photographs with the intent of sharing them all with you after we return; however, if you'd like to follow along real-time, I'm sure I'll be updating my Instagram feed and Facebook feed often, so you can catch me there.  Otherwise, Chookooloonks will remain quiet until the new year.  (Incidentally, something to keep in mind while I'm gone:  there are still spots left for CREATE.2014, so please don't hesitate to join us -- I'll be processing new registrations while I'm away!  The course starts Monday, January 6th, and it's going to be an amazing time, framing the new year through journaling, vision-boarding and general mess-making.  Click here to register.)

With that, if you celebrate, merry, merry Christmas.  And to everyone, wherever in the world you are, Happy New Year, friends.  May the rest of this year and all of the next fill your lives with true comfort and joy.

Again, thank you.


Song:  Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth, as performed by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.  Back when MTV used to play music, it wasn't Christmas for me until I saw this video.  I still make a habit of watching every year around this time -- I think its message of peace, sung in counterpoint by David Bowie, is so beautifully universal.

Click here or on the image below to watch.