#lookforthelight: december 2013

My favourites of my Instagram shots   I took in December.  Lots of light this month, man .

My favourites of my Instagram shots I took in December.  Lots of light this month, man.

Well, friends, this is it:  the final #lookforthelight post of the 2013.  If I do say so myself, this has been one of the most fun community projects I've ever participated in:  even though we haven't done this for very long, I absolutely delight in seeing all the ways you all find light in your homes, neighbourhoods, cities and countries all around the world.  I love seeing how the light differs in different places, and I love how the light is the same. 

I love seeing us connect through light.

I hope you're all going to continue to join me every month in the new year, by tagging your light-filled Instagram photos with #lookforthelight.  I don't know about you, but now that I've been doing this for a while, I'm starting to actually look for the light -- intentionally finding where the light is around me, so that I can take the shot.  I hope you're finding the same, because it's a pretty happy way to live.

And now, without further ado, my favourites of your #lookforthelight shots (be sure to click on the links below the diptychs, to see more of each photographer's work).  It was, apparently, a beautiful December:

Left:   @emelgy  Right:   @namelymarly

Left:  @emelgy
Right:  @namelymarly

Left:   @life_of_jennrene  Right:   @staroddity
Left:   @mightymarce  Right:   @staceyechin

Left:  @mightymarce
Right:  @staceyechin

Left:   @lunaticca  Right:   @karamichele75

Left:  @lunaticca
Right:  @karamichele75

Left:   @traceelaine  Right:   @carlyyy_jo

Left:  @traceelaine
Right:  @carlyyy_jo

As always, beautiful work, friends.  Keep finding that light, and we'll do this again in January!

Thanks again to all of you who participated this month in #lookforthelight -- keep 'em coming!  If you'd like to participate and you have an Instagram account (it's free), simply grab shots of the light in your life with your mobile device, and add the hashtag "#lookforthelight" to your shot, either in the caption or in the comments.  I'll feature my 10 favourite shots again at the end of November here on Chookooloonks, giving lots of link love, naturally.  And of course, click here to see all the submissions (and feel free to follow along my own progress at heychookooloonks on Instagram!).

And of course, if you're interested in looking for the light without your camera phone, please check out CREATE.2014.  Registration is open now.


Song:  Team by Lorde