this was a good week


Things that made me smile this week:

•  Remember last week I said I was finished with my Christmas shopping?  Okay, I take it back:  I wasn't finished.  But now I'm finished.  I think.

•  I don't crochet, but the combination of relentless Christmas spirit and Bobbi's funky Santa hat makes me want to.

•  While I might not crochet, I do knit, and this week not only did I learn how to knit in the round, but also how to make a pompom.  I realize that many of people learn how to make pompoms at a very young age, but I didn't, and honestly?  I haven't felt this accomplished in years.

•  Speaking of young ages, I have all kinds of childhood-nostalgia memories around the smell of gingerbread baking.  This recipe might have to happen.

•  The beautiful photographs of found natural objects on the blog STILL are mesmerizing.

•  I don't tend to follow the blogs of wedding photographers, but oh my stars, how I do love the blog of Phil Chester.  His photographs are so full of texture, and he embeds a music player that you can play while you scroll through his photographs, setting the mood of each photo shoot.  Such beautiful, calming, wonderful work.

•  A pet reindeer in the back of a pick-up truck.  What?

•  My friend Alessandra Cave has come out with a new book, Shooting With Soul.  I'm calling it a Christmas present to myself -- I can't wait to get it.


And on that note, friends, have a beautiful, soulful weekend.  Here's a song to get you started.

Still spots available for CREATE.2014:  it's going to be all about framing the coming year, with lots of mess-making, and not a guilt-inducing resolution in sight.  Registration closes January 1st, the course begins January 6th.  I'd love for you to join us.