this was a good week

Here are a few things that made this week awesome:

•  The azaleas are back -- alleluia.  Nothing is a surer sign of spring in Houston than the return of the azaleas, and spring is when Houston is at its finest.  Welcome back, lovelies.

•  The richness of these wedding photos.  Good Lord, that's a lot of beauty right there.

•  This is the kind of physics mindbender that totally geeks out my dad.

•  Xanthe did a roundup of the project she did with Andrea -- the COLOR/COLOUR Project.  So gorgeous (and so much serendipity!).

•  I am mesmerized by this beautiful blog This is 50 -- photographed by the talented Kristin Perers, and featuring beautiful, creative, incredible portraits of women in their 50s.  Kristin has me champing at the bit to turn 50 already.

The Lime Retreats blog is alive!  Last week, I shared my tips for starting a journaling practice, and this week, I shared one of my favourite TED talks (about "going gangsta") -- I love that guy.  (And while we're at it, if you're interested in coming to the first LimeLight Session in Houston this fall, I've also posted a form to submit your email address, so you can be be the first to know when registration opens.  Spaces will be limited, so I hope you'll join me!)

•  Love these reflections on portraiture (to say nothing of the stunning portraits themselves).

•  And the best of all:  today I'm off to get lost with Marcus and Alex for Alex's spring break.  We'll be busy doing Jell-O shots and entering wet t-shirt contests (as you do) at an undisclosed location, so I'll be away from Chookooloonks for a week or so, and will surely share pics when I return.  I can't wait.  (That said, if you'd like to have sneak preview of where we'll be and what we'll be up to, I plan on updating Instagram and, if Instagram isn't your thing, Facebook while we're gone, so you can keep up with us there.)  (Relax, I promise I won't be doing Jell-O shots or entering wet t-shirt contests.  I can't vouch for Marcus or Alex, though.)

•  Finally, while we're gone, here's something to listen to:  what our spring break will sound like, if all goes as planned (warning, though, the Lorde song has some NSFW lyrics).  Enjoy, friends, and see you soon.