this was a good week

This was a spectacular week.  Here are just a couple of reasons why:

•  Did you catch my little "get lost" clue in my last post about where we spent Alex's spring break?  If you've been watching my Instagram feed, you know that we just returned a couple of hours ago from a really lovely vacation in Bermuda!  I have tons of photographs to share with you, but I haven't even begun to process them yet -- the photo above is just a quick sneak peek.  I'll tell you (and show you) all about it next week, I promise.

•  I fell in love with homemade granola every morning while I was away (and am planning to try my hand at making my own this weekend).  So I suspect that this new interest fuels my love of this awesome video showing what the world eats for breakfast.  (And am I the only one who thinks that breakfast in Japan sound particularly delightful?)

•  I love Maggie's words on how to answer the question "what do you do?" if you're self-employed.  Lots of food for thought there.

•  Really intrigued by Xanthe's new course on creating a real-life time capsule -- with printed photos and everything.  

•  There's a theory that images that follow the Rule of Thirds -- where your subject is offset a bit in the frame -- are more interesting that fully symmetrical images.  I love that filmmaker Wes Anderson completely ignores this, and often shoots perfectly symmetrically.  This supercut of centred Wes Anderson shots proves that symmetrical can be seriously mesmerizing.

•  In addition to making homemade granola this weekend, I might have to roll a cookie down my face and into my mouth.  Because why not?

And on that note, friends, have a wonderful weekend.  Bermuda stories to follow next week.