this was a good week

See?  Even the wildflowers around here are looking happier.

See?  Even the wildflowers around here are looking happier.

Oh, but there was some awesome this week:

•  Yesterday I took my journals and pens and coloured markers and sticky notes, and worked at my dining table away from my computer, and guess what?  I got a ton of work done, and a whole lot of clarity.  Analogue, man.  That was the secret to productivity this week.  Who knew?

•  I was thrilled to discover The People of Trinidad & Tobagoinspired by the Humans of New York (which you know I love),   It's such a wonderful reflection of the diversity of the people of my homeland.  I was lost on that page forever, man.

•  (And speaking of Humans of New York, I love it when an artist knows her art.)

•  Stephen Colbert gave some pretty intense advice to young girls for Rookie Magazine.  I've never looked at him as a father figure before, but now I totally do.

•  My love for LEGO is legend, and now this -- a way to make a portrait of myself using LEGO bricks?!  My friends, I think I've just discovered Item Number One on my Christmas list this year ...

•  I photographed my thousandth image on Instagram this week!  To celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of my friend Mira Jacob's book The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing and a pack of Chookooloonks playing cards (cards with the blue trees on the backs) to an Instagram commenter picked at random (you know, perfect for spending these last lazy days of summer).  So go leave a comment over there, if you're on Instagram!

•  The sweet animated story of Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou.  It made me happy.

•  My friend Lola, who is a National Geographic photographer, just published her gallery of photos from Mauritius.  They bring back fond memories:  Marcus and I honeymooned there almost exactly 12 years ago!

•  And finally, the song of the day, Happy (no, not that one), by C2C, featuring Derek Martin.  Because every now and then, your weekend should start with straight-up exuberant dancing and incredible footwork, all with a decidedly insane, revival-tent vibe.

Click here or on the image below to watch.


With that, have a happy weekend, friends.  See you Monday.