as we say in my country, "p'ok-a-p'ok"

My summer lethargy continues ... still slogging along, trying to make things happen, but not really getting what needs to be done, done.  I'm telling you, it's the weather, man.

Even my poor little garden has slowed down.  Tomato plants have become wilted and desiccated (and have been pulled out), and my watermelon plant seems to have lost the will to live (what you see above might be its last, dying breaths). But my mint, okra and black-eyed peas are looking good -- they're growing slowly, but they look good.  And my peppers are coming along.  Little by little.  P'ok-a-p'ok.

I'm taking my garden's slow progress as a sign.  When things get this slow, I figure why fight it?  It's time for baby steps, man.  Little by little.  P'ok-a-p'ok.

So today, I'm taking my life analogue.  I'm shutting down the computer, and going old-school:  pens, paper, flow charts,  sticky notes.  I'm working my little butt off off-line, and won't be back until Friday, when, with a little luck, I'll have made a lot of progress -- you know, so I can report with all honesty that this was a good week.

So until then, my friends.  And in the event you need a little motivation like I do, here's my favourite Nike video of all time.  Enjoy.