this was a good week

I'm not gonna lie:  the last 6 or so weeks have been really tough.  Alex began seventh grade this fall, which is the first year of junior high at her school, and the change in curriculum was a difficult adjustment for her -- and therefore, for us.  Add on top of this the fact that for the first time she was a member of a team sport (volleyball, she loved it) and all the responsibilities that entails (practice, away games, etc.), late nights for Marcus at work, and still adjusting to my relatively new job and travel days for personal work on top of that, and we've had a tumultuous few weeks.

And because of this, my recent radio silence.  Sorry about that.

But now, volleyball season is over, and Alex is getting the hang of 7th grade, my last big work-related trip has passed, and we're returning to a manageable routine.  And while I'm a person who is generally comfortable with change -- the result of a childhood where we made an international move every 2 years, I suppose -- it's nice to return to a somewhat familiar rhythm.  It's comforting.  So I'm back.

And, my friends, this was a good week:

•  Between darkness and light.  I so love Steve McCurry's work.

•  Amazing portraits shot in a busy stairwell.  Gorgeous.

•  An about-to-be-a-husband gets his first look at his about-to-be-a-wife.  I love spontaneous joy.

•  I've become mesmerized by this beautiful new blog.  I suspect you will, too.

•  The temperature still hasn't quite broken here in Houston, and yet ... it's time for pumpkin bread, is it not?  This looks like a good recipe.

•  The key to living a long, thriving life?  Not exercise, not a vegan lifestyle ... it's actually social connection.

•  And speaking of social connection, check out these relationships between inmates and stray dogs.  Beautiful.

•  Music is a ghost.  And creators always find a way to create.  Beautiful story of a deaf singer-songwriter.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack:  Robo Booty by Opiuo.  Because the name makes me laugh, and it's a great rhythm.  And as I mentioned, these days I'm all about rhythm.

Click the arrow below to listen.

Have a great weekend, friends.