what you'll do until the day you die

I've been thinking a lot about the story of the deaf singer-songwriter that I shared on Friday. I can't get her out of my mind.  I mean, there she was, on her way to a fine music education and presumably a career in music -- and bam! she loses her hearing.  And yet, my impression from her story is that even though she mourned the loss of her hearing, she didn't even consider doing something else.  She just figured out a way to keep making music.  Like, there wasn't even a question about that.

I suspect we all have something like that.  It might not be what we do to make our living -- in fact, it might be something that we have no intention of ever using as a way to make our living -- but I think we all of something that we are compelled to do, until we literally physically can't do it anymore.  And even then, we might find a way.

For that singer-songwriter, it's making music.  Same for my daughter.  For me, it's definitely photography.  But it's also experimenting with hand-lettering (something I've been doing since I was kid).  And there's probably writing, too.

So I'm curious: what's your I'll-do-it-until-I-absolutely-can't-anymore thing?  That thing you do 100% for you, and no one else.  The thing that helps you settle your mind.  

I can't wait to read what you share.