this was a good week

Palm Springs, March 2019.

Palm Springs, March 2019.

This was a good week! Here’s why:

I’m headed back home after attending the ALT Oasis in beautiful Palm Springs (so lovely meeting so many of you!), Marcus is safely back home from an unexpected trip to England, and Alex is back from NYC. In other words, the band’s together again!

These skydivers performing this insane synchronized jump, smashing a world record. Amazing!

• Did you guys here about that cruise ship that was stranded in stormy waters off the coast of Norway? Here’s a first-hand account from a journalist who was on board — his gratitude is absolutely beautiful to witness.

• Similar story: New York subway riders were stuck on a train — it was hot, it was uncomfortable and they made the best of it (be sure to read the caption).

Really interesting article about older black artists who have suddenly found fame.

• And speaking of art, I don’t even understand how these artists made these mirages and miracles.

Nor do I get how this artist cut this intricate octopus out of a single piece of paper.

• And finally, you guys already know how I feel about reptiles, but I’m pretty pleased for this caiman and her butterfly crown. Doesn’t she look pleased with herself?

With that, have a wonderful weekend, friends. See you next week!