design your workspace: make light season 4, episode 9


One of the unexpected gifts of losing all of your furniture in a Biblical flood is that you get to create your home all over again. Using hand-me-downs and a whole lot of Target and IKEA, as I put together my house I kept asking myself, what do I want my home to say about our family and what we stand for? How do I want people to feel when they visit?

This was no less true than for my home office, which, through the magic of video conferencing, many more people from around the world were going to see. How could I communicate what I stood for, and even more importantly, what I wanted my work to stand for, when people visited my workspace, either virtually or in-person?

This is what I’m talking about on today’s episode of The Make Light Show: how to infuse your workspace with your own values, so that it becomes a space that reflects what you stand for, and inspires you to create your best work.

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