this was a good week

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This was a good week! Here’s why:

• . This week was full of Trinidadian sweet bread, Alex’s return to volleyball practice, and a good margarita. Life is good.

You are more that the best (or worst) thing you’ve ever done. Love these wise words from my friend Grace.

• Speaking of which, are you making up a story that’s holding you back? This 4-week ecourse seems like a cool way to uncover your story — and step into a new, more honest one.

• . I haven’t shot film in a while, and this project makes me want to dust off my old cameras. Hmmm….

• And speaking of photography, this photographer combines two photos into one weird photo and it’s awesome.

• . Five things you already have to create more joy in your home. Who couldn’t use more joy?

• . These hyperrealistic drawings do my head in.

• . This Spanish artist paints “tile” floors in abandoned buildings.

And on that colourful note, have a great Friday, friends. See you next week.