back to school (a gift for you)

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Today, Alex returned to school for her sophomore year — 10th grade here in the U.S., where graduation happens at 12th grade. It’s going so fast.

I don’t know about you, but back-to-school for our daughter also means back-to-routine for Marcus and me: our mindsets shift to our work, to ensuring our home run efficiently, about returning to morning workouts, and evening dinners at the dinner table (instead of in front of the television), about helping with homework … you know the drill. It’s time to get focused.

I was talking to Alex about the first day of school this past weekend, and I was telling her how much I loved the first day of school when I was a student. “Really? Why?” she asked. “Because! There’s so much potential! It’s like New Year’s Day: an entire year laid out ahead of you to make of it what you will. New friendships, reuniting and taking care of old ones, perhaps even learning a thing or two … it’s awesome.”

She was skeptical (all she could see ahead were early morning alarm clocks), but I meant every word. There’s something invigorating about looking ahead at a blank slate. Nowhere but up, baby.

I don’t know if you feel the same when your kids are off to school or college — that urge to return to your own work. But it’s possible that you do. And since I’m returning focus to my own work, it suddenly dawned on me that we could work together.

So if you’re looking to infuse your work with more meaning and purpose, and you’d like a coach to work with along the way, I’d love to work with you …so much that I’m having a “back to school” sale on my packages! Simply click on the link below to sign up for your first free initial consultation (for us both to confirm that we’re a great fit for each other), and if you decide to purchase a package, I’ll give you 25% off a 4-session package, or 33% off a 6-session package, whichever you choose. (I also have payment plans available!)

Offer ends 11:59 p.m. August 31st. Learn more about my coaching practice here, and the packages here. Then, click here or the link below to contact me, and we’ll get you scheduled for that free initial consultation. I’ll need to receive your initial email before 11:59 p.m., August 31, 2019 to apply the associated discount.

So looking forward to working with you!