This weekend, Bjørn got his new home ... and so did we.  I transplanted Bjørn into the pot Marcus picked out, and then we all officially moved out of our sweet friends' garage apartment (after giving it a good scrubbing!), and into our new home for at least the next year.  

It has been heavenly.

For our inaugural family meal in the new place, we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (Alex's choice), and then we spent the rest of the weekend decorating (paintings were hung, Alex hung string lights in her room like her life depended on it).  We did laundry, we laid around .... we acted like we were home.  Which, hallelujah, we are.

As Marcus and I got into bed last night, I said, "This feels good, right?  Like, I don't know why, but this feels right.  Our lovely friends' place was great, and their garage apartment was so comfortable, and in a great neighbourhood, but this feels ..."

"More settled," he nodded.  "It feels like we don't have to be in a rush.  We can take our time getting the house built right."

So here's to exhaling in our new place, and feeling more settled after two months of being decidedly unsettled.

Happy Monday, friends.


Soundtrack:  Home by Johnnyswim