what are you passionate about?

My friend     Ana Flores     making friends in     Malawi    , May 2015.

My friend Ana Flores making friends in Malawi, May 2015.

Thanks for the comments, messages and Facebook comments that you guys left in response to yesterday’s post — it’s so amazing to see all the good that people out in the world are being thanked for, from baking, to quilting, to listening, to organizing, to, well, everything. There are so many gifts out in the world.

There’s so much light to be made.

Inspired by the good that you’ve let me witness, I have a follow-up question: what are you passionate about? Specifically, what causes do you find that you can 100% get behind? It could be anything from health care, to mental health, to women’s rights, to children’s rights, to poverty, to cancer research, to climate change — I want to hear it all. What is the thing that you find yourself worrying about the most?

Please leave your answer in the comments. I can’t wait to hear them all.

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