through the viewfinder monday: stargazer

Random thoughts from the weekend:

1. New rule: if your voice has changed, or you can fit in a B-cup bra, you are too old to be trick-or-treating. There comes an age, little one, when you're no longer a cute trick-or-treater, but are rather a perpetrator of petty larceny.

2. Related rules: if you are of an age where you consider yourself too cool to put on a costume, or if, as someone really told me she witnessed, you're pregnant and it's not a costume? Again, you are too old to be trick-or-treating.

3. Given number 1 and number 2, it is entirely possible I've become the crazy old lady who screams at kids to get off of her property.

4. Unbelievable that it took over three weeks for that tooth to finally come out. But it did, yesterday. And you cannot imagine how pleased as punch a 4 year old can be when that happens.

5. Loving this quote from a friend of mine, when I mentioned to her that I was unexpectedly and rather unreasonably nervous about opening an online store: "yes, it is important that you have the jitters, it's panic mixed with excitement, fun thing is YOU get to choose which emotion to feed." 

*I* get to choose which emotion to feed.  True in just about everything isn't it?

Finally, I'm starting to get excited about our trip to England to visit family, which will happen in just under two weeks!  It should be a lot of fun -- and I've been feeling rather nostalgic for a cold, grey, drizzly English winter, too, so the timing is perfect.

SongRollercoaster, by Everything But The Girl

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P.S.  Incidentally, even though our trip to England is primarily pleasure, I've got a few days available if you happen to be around and would like to have some portraits done:

Gloucester:  November 17

Falmouth: November 24

London:  November 28

Just e-mail me at for pricing and scheduling.

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