random thoughts: midweek edition


A friend of mine described her children, along with their friends, as running all over her house in a happy feral pack.  I love this phrase, and will now sprinkle it liberally in my day-to-day conversation.

The weathermen are doggedly insisting that there is a good chance for snow here in Houston by the end of the week.  Are you getting this?  Snow in Houston.  And the weather right now is giving it the old college try:  it's COLD here these days.  As a general rule, I do not like being cold.

But the thing is?  Right now I'm sort of enjoying it.  There's something about crackling fires in the fireplace that put me in the Christmas spirit. I'm liable to croon a yuletide carol at any given moment.*

At some point, I need to do some Christmas shopping.  Thinking seriously of going the Etsy/handmade route this year.  Any online favourites?


* Oh, there's crooning.


Update:  Speaking of which, I forgot to mention, the 2010 Chookooloonks calendars are still available, now for only US$ 14.  They make great stocking stuffers, so if you're giving as a gift, please be sure to order by December 15, so that I can get it to you in time!

SongI feel it all by Feist

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