view 22: playing with film

Normally, I don't ask for specific gifts for Christmas, but a few months ago, as soon as I saw the Fujifilm Instax camera, I immediately cut-and-pasted the link to Marcus.  "This," I said in my email, with italics and bolds and asterisks for emphasis.  "***This*** is the only thing I want for Christmas." 

I'm not entirely sure why I wanted an instant film camera so badly.  Part of it, I think, had to do with just simply admiring the work of friends who are fans of instant film.  Another part of it had to do with liking to include images in my journal, but rarely printing any of them.  I figured having an instant film camera -- particularly while on holiday -- would help fix this.

Marcus, bless him, granted my wish, and I've already wasted the first film pack trying it out.  It's unlikely Chookooloonks is going to turn into a photoblog of film images -- my love for digital photography runs just too strong and deep for that -- but if I actually figure out how to use this thing, I may share a couple of images I'm particularly proud of here on the site.

The following images don't fall in the "particularly proud of" category, but hey, I might as well start somewhere.

This completely blown-out photograph of Rufus was taken just after he was digging in the back garden. Hence the filthy muzzle.


My parents took Alex to The Nutcracker yesterday.  Alex, therefore, took her nutcracker to The Nutcracker yesterday.

What's interesting is that shooting these images feels even more like capturing a fleeting moment in time than it does with my Nikon.  I'll have to shoot more to pinpoint why that is.


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