view 23: artificial vintage

Thanks for all your comments yesterday about why instant film feels so much like capturing a memory -- I loved reading them, and I think you're all right:  there's something about the built-in imperfections of film, coupled with the inability to take several shots in succession that make the "instant in time" captured so much more authentic.  I think the camera's going to help make me a more circumspect photographer. 

Which, of course, is all good.

Yesterday, some friends came to spend the afternoon, and I decided to take my duaflex out for a spin.  I wanted to see if I could recreate the feel of old time photographs, by getting them to pose without smiling, and then processing the final results to a sepia tone.  The kids were willing subjects.



But sometimes it was hard to keep them from laughing.



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Song: Tom's diner by Suzanne Vega

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