guest photographer: susannah conway

Photo by Susannah Conway

(This is the last week I have to work on my book before I turn the final manuscript in to my publisher; as such, my blogging may be a bit spotty.  Nonetheless, keep checking back:  there are couple of outstanding offers to provide a few guest posts by some talented photographer friends I really admire, so you never know who might show up.  

Today, meet Susannah Conway.  I had the opportunity to meet Susannah about a year and a half ago while traveling in England; she's so intriguing that I wrote about her here.  I love her work -- there's such a haunting quality to it -- and she's magical with film photography.  I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.  -- Ed.)


I can't paint or draw.  I can scrawl a straight line on a piece of paper and I've tried interesting things with paint and cut-up magazines, but when it comes to creating something pleasing to the eye, I'm a no-hoper.  But here's the kicker: it really doesn't bother me any more, because, in all honesty, I'd rather take a Polaroid.  My Polaroid camera is my paint brush; the film my canvas.  I paint with light and shadow, and nothing makes me happier than watching that creamy square of film develop into something magical.  I believe we can all find the medium that suits us, whether it's paint, pixels, food or yarn.  Maybe you've turned making your bed into an art form; perhaps your garden is a symphony of colour and scent.  I have a friend who wears scarves twisted into the most wonderful shapes; another whose poetry moves me to tears.  Each day is an opportunity for a creative adventure; there's so much to see, so much to experience and cherish.  Let's explore it with our stitches and brush strokes, our scribbles and our beautifully shined shoes ...


Photo by Susannah Conway


SongEngines by Snow Patrol.  Today's song brought to you by Susannah.

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