episode 3 of the make light show: dress to express

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There’s a certain freedom that comes with losing your wardrobe in a flood — suddenly you have the opportunity (or necessity) to redesign your own personal style. The problem, of course, arises, when you don’t exactly know what that style is.

I’m not a person who has ever followed fashion trends in any serious way — I notice what people are wearing, of course, but I am decidedly anti-fashion magazine, and don’t follow the fashion world at all. But I do love noticing the personal style of folks, both men and women, especially when they dress in a way that is unusual or different. But how do I cultivate that personal sense of style for myself?

Enter Stasia Savasuk of Style School. Someone pointed me to her direction online (when I was talking about what I want our home to say about us), and on a whim, I signed up for one of her sessions. She blew me away — instead of talking about inane things like what’s-in-season-now-and-what-body-type-should-wear-them, she went way deeper: encouraged us to explore what colours we wear that make us feel powerful, what clothes make us feel more than just “comfortable,” and most importantly, decide for ourselves what we wanted to communicate about ourselves to the world, and dress accordingly. Her lessons blew my mind, and I’ve been thinking about them daily as I dress myself, letting what she calls “inside-out congruency” be my North Star.

In any event, I knew that I wanted to have her on The Make Light Show, so she could share her wisdom. So click here or on the arrow below to listen (and click here for the show notes, including the link to her amazing TEDx talk):

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