episode 6 of the make light show: from trauma to triumph


My friend Indrani is one of those huge-hearted people. And she’s thoughtful in creative ways. Case in point: after our home flooded, and we were safely out of the house, but still in shock about what had just happened, I got a call. “I have an invitation to a charity event. You should come with me,” she said.

“Indrani, I would love to, but I’ve lost all my clothing,” I responded. “I have nothing to wear.”

“Gyal, doh worry, we go take care o’dat,” she responded. (Did I mention she’s Trinidadian, too?) “You jus’ plan on comin’.”

Sure enough, I went with her — mere weeks after Hurricane Harvey had gone down. And because Indrani is hysterical, I laughed until I wept that night. And when, in passing, I mentioned how much I loved her charming clutch she was carrying, a few months after the event I went to my mailbox and found a package containing an identical one. “To help rebuild your wardrobe,” the note inside the package from her said.

Yeah. Indrani is that kind of lovely.

I suspect that this empathy comes from having overcome a difficult life herself — she is the embodiment of resilience. So I knew I had to have her on The Make Light Show, and let me tell you, she didn’t disappoint. Join me as she shares her story of growing up in an abusive home, the depression she experienced as a young mother, and finally how coming in dead last in a triathlon helped propel her toward fighting gender violence around the world. (Fair warning - you’ll hear me slip in and out of my own Trini accent in the process!)

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