heading out

Sunshower in our back garden, July 2019.

Sunshower in our back garden, July 2019.

As I hinted last Friday, tomorrow our family is headed off on a bit of an epic holiday. I won’t tell you where we’re going (yet), but I plan on blogging while I’m gone, so you’ll definitely be with us along the way. I’ll give you this much of a clue: we’re going to two countries, one we’ve been to before, and one we haven’t. Any guesses?

We return to the US in mid-August, after which I’ll be working hard on a brand new offering that I can’t wait to share with you (be sure that you’re on the mailing list to get news when it launches. You can sign up here). Also, I’ll be taking new coaching clients beginning on September, so if you’ve ever considered one-on-one coaching before, now’s the time to get on the calendar! You can find out more about my coaching here.

With that, I’m off to finish packing, lovelies. See you on the other side.

Soundtrack: Fly like an eagle as performed by Seal