i am a very lucky person


So yesterday, after writing that post, a funny thing happened:  one out-of-town friend contacted me out of the blue, and we talked for about an hour, catching up on life. Then another out-of-town friend called, with all sorts of inspiring thoughts, and she helped me brainstorm some exciting business ideas.  I had lunch with my former boss, who was full of encouragement, and when I returned I had two possibly-awesome business opportunities waiting in my email inbox.

Add your wonderful words that you left for me in the comments, and I'm feeling pretty awesome.

So, lesson learned:  uncertainty may be the birthplace of creativity, but you know what else?  When you reach out in vulnerability, sometimes you touch amazing support and love.  And for this, I'm incredibly grateful.  Thanks so much, friends.  You were just what the doctor ordered.

(In other news, I'm buried under some nasty deadlines -- which is a good, highly productive, energizing thing, actually.  So, with your indulgence, I'm going to take a day to catch up.  I'll be back on Friday.)

SongWith a little help from my friends, as performed by Joe Cocker