of happy hearts & lollipop moments (& renting your own little piece of chookooloonks)


Tea Gee Eye Eff, my friends -- I can't believe Friday's here already, but man, I'll take it!  This has been a crazy week -- a good one, but one, as you already know,  filled with a bit of emotion (I even got a bit ranty over at Bliss Your Heart, so fair warning).  I'm so ready for this weekend, and a couple of days off!  But before I go, a few things:

First, since I did rant over at Bliss Your Heart about changing our worlds versus changing the world, it seems really fabulously apt that I share this TED talk by Drew Dudley about everyday leadership.  It's 6 minutes and 21 seconds of awesome:

Isn't this great?

Secondly (and for the umpteenth time, it seems), I've decided to offer space on my site for advertising:  but this time, in the words of Frank Sinatra, I'm doing my way.  One of the challenges that I've had in previous relationships with ad networks is the lack of control that I generally had over what appeared on my site -- as a result, ad content would suddenly show up from companies that didn't seem to relate to anything I was about, or they were BLINKY-BLINKY-BLINKY distracting, and drove me positively mental.  So instead, I'm happy to announce that I have opened up site sponsorship directly to the those who actually read my site (and therefore, hopefully, be of interest to everyone else who visits Chookooloonks.)  I think this way, I'm not annoyed by completely irrelevant sites whose businesses don't jibe with my mission for Chookooloonks, and you're introduced to businesses that you might actually care about.  It's a win all-round.

So!  If you're a creative person with your own business that feels compatible with the messages I share on Chookooloonks, or you have a site you'd like to drive traffic to that you think Chookooloonks readers would enjoy, for the month of April, I'll offer a special on a graphic ad of 200x125 pixels (just like the ones you see to the right) of only $50 (regularly $75).  Simply email me at karen@chookooloonks.com for more information, and we'll get you set up.  (Click here for more information about my site metrics to help you decide.)

And finally, via the lovely Erin Loechner (and because I thought I was obsessive about journaling), check out this 300-foot accordion-style art journal by designer Merel Brouns, which details every activity she did for every hour of her life for the entire year of 2011.  It's a stunning piece of work, and I'm almost tempted to try to do this myself.


With that, have a great weekend, friends.

SongDon't you worry 'bout a thing by Stevie Wonder.  Thanks, Gayla, for the awesome suggestion.