malawi: colour, song and joy

About 3 weeks ago, I wrote a post saying that I was having a hard time finding light, and that I needed to slow down on updating Chookooloonks until I could find it again.

Friends, I'm happy to report that found light in Malawi.  There is light and colour everywhere.  The women wear vibrant colours and patterns, and at every stop,  our hosts greeted us with exuberant song and dance.  We heard over and over again that Malawi is a peaceful country; I think, even more than peaceful, Malawi is a joyful country.  There wasn't a person we met who wasn't enthusiastically welcoming us with open arms -- literally; I don't think I've ever been hugged so much in my life.  

So today, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite images of the singing, dancing, joy and light we encountered.  Because my goodness, was there a lot.


Each group of farmers that we met performed their own songs, often created spur-of-the-moment, with lyrics that described their joy at meeting us, or their pride in the progress their farms were making.  It was amazing.

Then, we showed up at one particular village, and friends, there were costumes.  Needless to say, I plum lost my mind:


And finally, of course, there were the children.  Oh, the sweet children.


Meeting the people of Malawi was exactly what I needed.  And I'll never forget their kindness and their generosity.


Song:  African Night by Yunasi