malawi: final thoughts and images

I've spent eight hours a day this entire week going through over 4,000 photographs that I took while I was in Malawi.  And while I've been processing each photo, I've been trying to find the words that capture my impressions of this amazing country.  I'm not sure I've succeeded.

I know that Malawi feels tiny -- it's such a small country, really.  And very, very poor -- far poorer than any of the five other African countries I've visited in my past.  

But it also feels safer than any of those countries -- incredibly safe, in fact (angry crocodiles, notwithstanding).  And so gentle.  And so kind.

And my goodness, the colour. And the joy.  And the vibrance.  And the potential.  That's the word, really -- more than anything else, the country feels on the verge of potential, for really wonderful, good things.  When I was researching Malawi before I left, I learned that it's widely called "The Warm Heart of Africa" -- and yes, that's exactly how it feels.  Like it's the quiet, beating heart of all that is good and kind about the continent.

But still, it's hard to explain how I feel about Malawi, and ultimately, words fail me.  And so, as I tend to do when I can't find the right things to say, I revert to imagery.  And so, some final, favourite images of this lovely little country:

  Beautiful   Lake Malawi  .

Beautiful Lake Malawi.

Amazing, amazing country.

Of course, my deepest gratitude to the ONE Campaign for organizing this trip, and to Heifer International for sponsoring it; also special thanks to ONE for hiring me to be the trip photographer.  Every time I've traveled with ONE has been better than the last, and I'm seriously so honoured and humbled to have been invited to shoot for them again.

And of course, as always, thanks so much for supporting my work and reading my stories.  It's a holiday weekend here in the United States, and after all the travel I've done lately, I'm going to make the most of it.  I'll be back later next week.  In the meantime, please see below how you can help support the amazing organizations that made it possible for me to visit this gorgeous country.

See you next week, friends.


Song:  Dhow countries by Taj Mahal meets The Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar

how you can help:


As I've mentioned before, ONE never asks for your money -- ever -- but they would certainly love it if you'd like the ONE Girls & Women Facebook page (even if you're not a girl or woman).   So, definitely, go do that now.  Easy-peasy, right?

And secondly, if you'd like to support Heifer International, and all the amazing work they do with farmers in countries like Malawi, considering buying a farm animal -- Father's Day is coming up, after all, and I just know there's a dad in your life who'd love a goat (or at least part of one!).  

Thanks, friends.  I hope you've enjoyed the stories from Malawi.  Back to our regularly scheduled Chookooloonks next week!