#tbt: a place to retreat (and thinking about retreating again)


Exactly this week 5 years ago, Marcus and headed west to Austin to check out this gorgeous resort as a possible site for Lime Retreats, a weekend retreat I hosted a few years ago for about 25 amazing women.  We didn't end up using the space (it was too cost-prohibitive), but my heavens, it was lovely.  One day when life returns to normal, we'll have to return.


(Incidentally, while I take a month or so off from The Make Light Show, I'm thinking of planning a couple of day retreats for 2018, a package offering that includes leadership coaching sessions as well, all based on my upcoming book.  If I keep them to a day, I could do the retreats in cities around the US, and we could do the coaching virtually.  How would that sound -- any interest? Let me know, below!)


Soundtrack: Love's in need of love today by Stevie Wonder