the make light summer break: introducing dj sun

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At the end of last season of the Make Light Show, I’m not going to lie, folks: I was tired. It’s hard work coming up with a new episode every week for 15 weeks! But another truth also couldn’t be denied — I love connecting with you through the podcast. I love introducing you to really lovely people I meet, folks who are dedicated to making their own light in the world. I knew that I didn’t want to stop podcasting — but maybe take a little bit of a break.

And isn’t that what summer’s supposed to be about, anyway?

So I decided to do something a little different this summer: introducing the Make Light Summer Break. I’ll be back on the Make Light Show, but for the summer it will be every other week, and the format will be a little different: instead of recording from my home studio, I’ll instead take you with me on travels, sharing some thoughts about the places I’m visiting, ideas I’m mulling over, and the best part, some music to help inspire rest and relaxation over the months. You know, easy-like-summer-morning vibes.

Sound good?

To start, I want to introduce you to my friend André Sam-Sin. André is an artist whose professional name is DJ Sun, a local Houston DJ who has made his name spinning his soular grooves at venues all around the city (including his own chill hangout, The Flat). He has a new album coming out at the end of the summer, and he’s agreed to provide the music for The Make Light Show Summer Break.

You’re getting this, right — music from a man called “DJ Sun,” for the summer break on a podcast called “Make Light.” I mean, how perfect is that?

So this first episode is a bit longer than the remaining episodes of the Summer Break, but André is such an intriguing person, I know you’ll love learning about him. Click here or the arrow below to meet him and his music (and click here for the show notes).

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