this was a good week ... despite some disappointing news


First, the bad news:

Last week (only about 36 hours after I published this post, in fact), I learned that my publisher has found themselves in a position where they are unable to print and publish my new book, Make Light.  For this reason, if you have preordered the book, you won't be receiving it on February 1st as advertised, and at this time I don't have a date for when the book might be available.  (The good news is that your credit card hasn't been charged for the book, as Amazon and most major book distributors do not charge your card until the book has shipped.)

Needless to say, I'm deeply disappointed When I turned in the manuscript over a year ago, I was so excited to share with you the amazing stories that were told to me by some incredibly impressive women, and the lessons that they contained.  Since then, my excitement has only increased, so honestly, I'm in a bit of shock.

That said, while the future of Make Light remains up in the air, I continue to remain wholly committed to the concepts I discussed in that recent blog post, so stay tuned for tons of content related to self-care, connection, and changing the world.  And of course, I so appreciate all of the support you guys continue to show me.  I'm going to continue to tirelessly work to get this book to you in one form or another, and as soon as I have any news, I'll be sure to let you know.

Now.  With that, on to the good things that have happened around the world this week:

•  This week there was a winter weather event that cause the city to shut down its streets (we Houstonians have no clue how to drive on ice), so I had Marcus and Alex home with me for two extra days after the holiday.  This meant fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate and lots of blankets.  We snow-day'd like champions.

•  And speaking of hot chocolate, this post about doubt and hot chocolate comes to me at the perfect time.

•  This artist paints with fabric.  Incredible.

•  And speaking of art, this memo pad slowly reveals a sculpture when used.  I love this madly.

•  Neil Gaiman on imposter syndromeWhoosa.

•  How to declutter you email inbox for the rest of your life.  Man, I am going to study this.  

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack, the latest release from Moroccan-American hip hop artist French Montana, Famous.  The music video for this song was shot in Morocco, and it is just stunning.  Click here or the image below to watch.

Have a great weekend, friends.  See you next week.


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