our home tour with design mom

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My friend Gabrielle Blair is a rock star. Not only is she the founder of Alt Summit, my absolute favourite conference for entrepreneurs who incorporate art, design, craft or photography in their businesses, but she’s also the brilliant mind behind Design Mom, a blog that explores the intersection of design and motherhood. She is, hands down, one of the most stylish people I know — and yet, with all of this, she is one of the most grounded, salt-of-the-earth, caring people in the world. She’s one of those friends who it’s an absolute honour to call a friend, you know?

Unfortunately, Gabby and I don’t see each other as often as I’d like — she lives on the west coast — but we try to catch up a bit at the various conferences we attend (including her own). This past year, at Alt Summit, she stopped me:

“How are you loving your home? I’ve been watching it on social media!”

“We love it,” I admitted. “It really feels like us.”

“Hey — would you like to do a home tour over at Design Mom? I’d love to have you!”

Are you kidding me? Gabby’s home tours are my favourite thing about her site — she shares family homes, with in-depth interviews of the homeowners, including their design thoughts, but also how they feel about their neighbourhoods and cities, and what they’re hoping their children remember about their homes and families. I was so flattered to be asked, and immediately said yes.

So if you’ve been craving a tour of our home since Hurricane Harvey, and peek into why our house looks as crazy as it does, please head over to Gabby’s site to take a look. This is the most in-depth view of our home I’ve ever done. And it was such a pleasure to share it with Gabby.


Thanks again, Gabby — it was so fun! And if you’d like, let me know what you think of our “Global Bazaar Insanity” house in the comments, below.