this was a good week


We have keys.

When the builder tried to hand them to me, I couldn’t take them. I think I was afraid that if I took them, somehow they’d disappear in my hand or something else would happen that would keep the house from being real. A post-traumatic stress reaction, maybe. In any event, Marcus ended up having to take them instead.

I’m still a bit frightened that something will happen to make it go away. Hopefully that feeling will ease as we get settled in.

To that end, the next week or so, I’ll be moving into my house — please forgive my absence. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we’re running up against a bit of a deadline. But I’ll be back soon from the new Chookooloonks headquarters with our regularly scheduled This Was a Good Week post next week.

(P.S. Thank so much for cheering us along on this ride back to our home. It has meant so much to our family.)

Soundtrack: Our House by Madness


create.2019 is live.

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